Miss Ingredient - Seven Days without Cake makes One Weak!


Day 1: Macaroon Monday


Good things come in small packages and in the case of these macaroons, made by my own sweet hand, this so true! A dollop of deliciousness if ever there was one. Imagine a wedding tower made of these jeweled beauties set on a cone attracting attention in the middle of the room.

Day 2: Happy Birthday to Me!


Today was Miss Ingredient’s turn to be on the receiving end of the cake arrangements and relinquish control of the kitchen to the next generation of Ms Ingredients and this voluptuous beauty was all mine to enjoy and celebrate the Big Day!

Day 3: To Fruit Cake or not to Fruit Cake


Many of my brides turn away form the tradition of the fruitcake tier in their wedding cakes. But, before it’s rejected from the cake options have a look at this dark, rich slab of cake, packed full of fruit, nuts and black treacle and infused with brandy then have another little think about it.

Fruitcake serves so many purposes and it’s a shame to leave it out. Not only does it appease a whole generation of traditionalists and avoids that sharp intake of breath and those immortal words “what it’s all sponge, no fruit!?” being uttered, but it can be saved and eaten at a later date, recreating memories of the special day.

Also, even though I say so myself, my secret family recipe tastes so good. The fruit is soaked in brandy for days on end and drinks copious amounts of brandy. I care for my cakes like babies, feeding them on a strict schedule during the months preceding the wedding. They line the shelves, wrapped and labeled and on feeding day my house smells fabulous!

Day 4: Pistachio dreams


 I think the word pistachio is such a delicious word and the colour only enhances its appeal. The popular sage greens of many wedding palettes are just asking for these little lovelies to grace the table.  Miss Ingredients homemade macaroons again, but then they are my new love.

Day 5: The Great Bake Up


A Big Bake Up took place today and I have been aiming to perfect my black cherry, chocolate and kirsch combo. This oozing beauty passed the test. Black cherries in homemade syrup infused in Kirsch with a delicate mascarpone based vanilla cream all crammed into the rich chocolate sponge. Someone get me a fork, don’t worry about the plate….

Retro kitsch bought bang up to date, dragged into the 21st century and enjoying every minute. Imagine cutting into your wedding cake on the Big Day and surprising your guests with a toned down version of this flavor. Certainly one they wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Day 6: A Moment of Reflection and Calm


Everyone has aspirations and my current obsession led me to the door of the Laduree Shop in Burlington Arcade. A small but perfectly formed shop with golden textured walls, bowed windows and these small precious gems on display in neat rows in the window, shelves full of beautiful boxes, bags and ribbons. A hop, skip and a jump from Fortnum and Mason in case any culinary needs had been neglected.

I can’t decide if I aspire to live there permanently, encapsulated within the safety of its golden walls or just to eat my way through the stock cupboard!

Day 7: Special People need Special Cake


The final day of the seven-day challenge and the cake mantle falls to a special girl. There are a few people in my life for whom I will bend the rules and my Goddaughter is a member of that select group.

My annual job as Godmother and in her opinion, Queen of Cakes, is to make her cake just the way she wants and this year the stakes were raised. She had talked her mother into buying her light up plastic Princess figurines and they were proudly and defiantly delivered to me to go on her birthday cake.

Now, we are not talking just kitsch, we are talking Big Fat Gypsy Wedding kitsch and my creative juices dried up on the spot. Panic set in and I was, to say the least, uninspired, let alone unimpressed.

I shut my eyes tight and mentally engaged with the commission, I approached the task thinking billowing skirts, hilltops with roses and flower cascades and a bucket load of glitter and sparkle. She was delighted and gripped the edges of the cake board possessively.

Special people need a little extra of everything and her life will always be cake filled, as yours should be too!

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