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Like a hairy caterpillar I, AKA Miss Ingredient, disappear at the beginning of the wedding season and emerge many months later, not quite a beautiful butterfly, a bit more crumpled and sleep deprived than that, but I do emerge bedraggled and blinking into the autumn light!

I have hidden away for the summer months consumed by cake and absorbed in my world of weddings working many long hours at Miss Ingredient Cake Company 

I have to reacquaint myself with friends who have long forgotten what I look like and get into step with a new routine. The ease in the workload allows me to think about new designs and plan for the next year and then the part I love most is upon me and that is the stream of seasonal wedding shows that crop up.

Although I limit the wedding shows that I attend, strutting my stuff at these events is strangely addictive to me. I dislike working solid weekends, my feet hurt and my brain goes into overdrive but I find them thrilling and exciting.

I get the opportunity to make some new designs and talk the talk and walk the wedding walk for up to 48 glorious hours at a time. These weekend marathons rendered me useless and by Monday morning I am disorientated, blistered and without a voice but I’m buzzing.

I have talked about something I know and love and feel passionate about, talking to clients who are in a good place in their lives with their partners, friends and family in tow. A time that is full of excitement, love and ultimately, cake! 

The wedding shows I attend are usually at favourite venues and hotels or exhibition halls and then once in a while an unusual one comes along which catches my attention, one which offers the chance for exhibitor and bride alike to meet a new selection of specialist suppliers in a new venue that rarely offers access.

This weekend coming is such a weekend and I am excited beyond belief. The mere thought of this show brightens my cake world but my feet ache in anticipation of a long day at Chettle House on Sunday attending the Dorset Vintage Wedding Fair: a boutique showcase, a one stop shop bringing vintage suppliers together from a 40 mile radius.

When couples attend a string of wedding fairs in one area it is unavoidable that there are variations of the same suppliers at each venue, when you reach out to a new fresh set up then it will be bursting with inspiration and freshness.

Chettle House

It's worth the trip, a beautiful Georgian house in the heart of the Dorset on the Wiltshire/ Hampshire borders and it will play host to cakes, photography, flowers, dresses, jewels, entertainment, transport but with a few surprising twists.

To ease tired and overwhelmed brides and grooms there will be a full on vintage tea room serving a bottomless supply of tea and big chunks of cake.

I’m so excited; I’m fit to burst! I will never tire of the wonderful world of weddings and all things matrimonial with obligatory and delicious cake to ease things along!

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